Sun 29 August 2010 - Day Trip to Oceanarium, Gingin

HOST: Peter, Oceanarium

LOCATION: Oceanarium, Gingin. Bring your own car (directions available on request) or catch our bus - see below.

DATE: 2pm - 3:30pm, Sunday 29 August 2010

This is a rare opportunity to check out the new OCEANARIUM CORAL FARM

Oceanarium is one of Australia's leading online livestock suppliers, and this new facility is a tribute to Peter and Leanne's dedication to the hobby.

You can read the progress of the farm build at the Oceanarium News page.

Here are some snippets about this amazing setup:

"it has 200mm insulation, since the build we have experienced (outside) temps of 45C and have seen a temp swing of only + / - 1C, the room temperature is 24-25C."

"We have never successfully done propagation on fungia coral species before, for the last two years we have held a damaged orange fungia disc in the belief it would eventually produce us anthocauli. Anthocauli are daughter colonies formed as a reproductive strategy when the parent colony decays. A few months back 20 babies appeared and are now growing quite well."

"22,000ltr tank arrived today for FW top off. Once the approvals are through we are installing a further 250,000ltr tank behind the second room. We estimate evaporation will total 97,000ltrs from just the first room per annum once all the systems are running."

"As part of our aquaculture project we will share some of our experiences in the running of the farm. One of the issues we face is acquiring quality sea water, we have started a trial of our own artificial salt water mix."

"So far we have been very happy with the first rooms energy efficiency, the air-conditioning was only required a few days during the height of last summer, water temps only reached 27C max. Now we are well into winter, in the middle of a cold spell of very chilly nights. Water temps are stable at 23C with only 0.5 decimal point fluctuations night and day, no heating has been used at all to date. The LED's have proved very good for coral colour and growth we are about to install a further 25 lighting units. One thing that has become evident is that our energy efficient choices we are making often lead to Tunze equipment."

BUS TRIP - expressions of interest

If there is enough interest, we are looking at hiring a bus to take members there and back. Cost wil be approximately $20 and pickup points will be along the freeway (beginning at Mandurah). Drop off will be at the same points as pickup. Please see the MASWA Members forum to express your interest in this optional extra.


As at all MASWA meetings, our test kits & phosphate meter will be there for your use so bring along a water sample. We will be having a raffle with some great gift vouchers up for grabs, and a member door prize will be drawn (bring your membership card to enter).