Wed 29 September 2010 - Meeting @ South Guildford

HOST: Shona Whaite (shona)

LOCATION: South Guildford (please call 0428746620 or see the MASWA Member Forum (if you have access) for address)

DATE: 7.30 to 9.30 pm, Wednesday 29th September 2010


My tank is a 6x2x2.5 peninsula tank. It has only been setup for about 6 months, so the plumbing is more interesting than the livestock at the moment!

Stealing ideas from several members on the forum, I've run pipes through the side garden to setup the following:
* a 160L RO reservoir for auto freshwater topup
* an automatic water change peripump which runs 24/7 and changes about 10L per 24 hours - this is connected to a 1000L cube
* an "easy mass waterchange" setup, where I can open a tap on the 1000L cube and there is a bulkhead in the sump which deals with the rising water level (so no buckets/hoses if I want to change several hundred litres at once).

I'm currently trialling running the tank skimmer-less as I'm interested in looking at other ways to keep low bioload tanks (no doubt I will add a skimmer in the future as I get more livestock but it is interesting to see how the auto water change pump handles the low bioload on it's own for now)

I also have a 15,000L koi pond if any of the freshwater guys are interested :)

As at all MASWA meetings, our test kits & phosphate meter will be there for your use so bring along a water sample. We will be having a raffle with some great gift vouchers up for grabs, and a member door prize will be drawn (bring your membership card to enter!).  Drinks available for a small fee. Non-members & visitors very welcome.