Wed 26 August 2009 - Meeting @ Tapping

HOST: Darren Williams (fishdoctor)

7:30pm, Wednesday 26 August 2009


Darren's own tank is a nano which has been running for 15 months. Lit by a 150W metal halide, HOB (hang on back) skimmer, no sump, livestock includes a pair of percula clowns, flame hawkfish, lawnmower blenny, coral banded shrimp & a mixture of soft and hard corals.

Darren also owns and operates Fish Doctor (livestock, water delivery & tank maintenance) from his home so there will be stock available to purchase on the night.

"My sales tank will be rather full as I'm expecting some nice stock thru from exmouth including clams, coral margin butterflies, BTA's, Zoanthids. Plenty of other stock from Qld and Karratha including morphs, large colony of catalaphylia, red cynarina's, fluro green brains, hammer corals, daisy corals. Fish arriving before the meeting include include blue tangs, powder blue tang, flame angel, lineatus tang, sailfin tang, foxface, Naso tang, bangaii cardinals."

As at all MASWA meetings, our test kits & phosphate meter will be there for your use so bring along a water sample. We will be having a raffle with some great gift vouchers up for grabs, and a member door prize will be drawn (bring your membership card to enter!).  Snacks and drinks provided. Non-members & visitors very welcome.