Sun 29 November 2009 - Meeting @ Padbury

HOST: Chris Stevens

LOCATION: Warrior Place, Padbury

DATE: 2pm, Sunday 29 November 2009

Chris's tank is a 700L bay front, which is connected to an impressive fish-room setup 15 metres out in the back yard. The fish room features a large Reef Octopus skimmer, in-ground sump, frag tank, refugium, quarantine tank, a maze of pipework in and out, and lots of great gadgets. Chris also has a phytoplankton culture going, so we will be checking out how he keeps this great microscopic live food source thriving.

We're hoping it will be a warm day so we can use the swimming pool, don't forget your swimmers!

As at all MASWA meetings, our test kits & phosphate meter will be there for your use so bring along a water sample. We will be having a raffle with some great gift vouchers up for grabs, and a member door prize will be drawn (bring your membership card to enter).

Snacks and drinks provided. Non-members & visitors very welcome.